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The ever increasing dominance of Hollywood in India


From a point of view of kid born in late 80s

It was the early 90s , when a family buys a VCP. Two kids and their father go to a video cassette parlour and browse for films. They get 3 films. 2 of them were Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies. Video cassette guy recommends that if they want to see some real bad ass action , go for JC and BL movies.

Then came in Commando , Spanish connection [ or French connection ] , more JC and BL movies. Kids suddenly started talking about the movie called  Jurassic Park. We were exposed to a new world of Dinosaurs. Never seen before kind of graphics and action.

Things were getting better and interesting with years to come.

1995 : Jumanji

1996 : Indepedence day & Twister

1997 : Titanic ,we all know what this film did to us and is still some of ours most favourite film.

1998 : Armageddon

1999 : The Mummy , James Bond : The world is not enough , The Matrix etc

2000 : Gladiator and MI 2 , remember that music theme…….

2001 : Lord of the rings and Harry Porter trilogy begins ( here is where an average Indian kid in his teens is introduced to the concept of a sequel , trilogy and film series…

These were not just films. They were events..

Back to 2015. A lot has happened. Like Terminator , Spiderman , The day after tomorrow , Oceans series , Christopher Nolan also happened , Pirates of carribenan series , We were introduced to the world of Zombies , Robots , Super heroes , Intelligence and spy agencies , Marvel comics got popular ( not to forget Iron Man and Thor ) , Mind blowing Avatar , Black Swan , an array of animation movies ( frozen , toys , brave etc) , should we mention : Argo : fuck yourself , Fast and Furious series , birdman , gone girl , Mad max and the latest Jurassic World.

The number of Hollywood films release in India has increased many folds , so is the number of viewers and hence the Dominance. Explained in brevity :

Always ahead of their time : Hollywood films have always been ahead of their time . Be it science fiction with ET or Star Wars / Star Trek , Independence day or Action movies like Speed , Die hard , James Bond films , Arnold Schwarzenegger films. At the point of their release they were truly never seen before kind of films.

Variety : Take it any Genre , Hollywood will give you umpteen number of films to prove that they are better than most of the films ever produced. Action and science fiction is already mentioned take a look at some of the genre Hollywood excels in that is hardly present in India.

  • Fantasy : Harry Potter , LOTR , and god knows what
  • Adult comedy : American Pie , Euro Trip , The Hangover
  • Conspiracy films : The enemy of the state , The Manchurian candidate , 3 days of condor , Blow out etc
  • Disaster/Zombie/apocalyptic films , Epic , Slasher , mystry , biographical etc are some of the forms of movies that are not often seen in Bollywood. Over the years taste have grown and people have evolved. with the exposure to internet , travelling people are aware of such genres but sadly Bollywood pays less attention to these genres.

Respected Star Cast : Imagine a Martin Scorsese film featuring Leonardo Di Caprio & Ben Kingsley  or Christopher Nolan directing Christian Bale or Avengers movie featuring an array of  super heroes . Hollywood actors and directors are not only worshipped but also respected. Their reputation precedes their persona. Hollywood films are not about just macho man heroes it is only about acting.

Real : Somehow Hollywood films looks real. No matter how insane things they show in science fiction movies , they look real , believable and most importantly they don’t look cheap. Acting , star cast , Film locations , speed of the film , minute details of the film , editing , screenplay , everything just seems to gel in the moment of the film. Even the sex scenes look fitting in the film not like in many bollywood film where it is just inserted to glam up or put in an item number just to spice it up a little.

Bollywood , too much of a drag and hard to digest : Talk to a foreigner about Bollywood film and first thing they say is that they have dances and songs in the film and suddenly everyone knows all the dance moves in the chorus. How is that even possible ! Old storylines , lack of novelty , actors and directors showing no respect for gravity ( cars and people flying around and thrown around ) looks a little odd. Action scenes look sub par and quality of acting is not at all comparable to Hollywood actors.

A complete experience  : Mostly movies are well edited , screenplay is smart , audience is usually engaged , useless scenes are cut off , lack of songs makes it small and just apt in size to watch , hardly lacks plot , a lot of movies have some point to show ( either ethics , morals , struggle in a biography , good v/s evil , we can go on and on) , movies have proper ending , movies are well researched , content is original ( or if they are adapted , they are properly acknowledged ) , importance to keep audience in mind and many more points. It makes a complete experience to watch a Hollywood films and there not usually not loose ends.

One can argue that not all Hollywood movies are better than Bollywood films or Bollywood films are also dominating US and UK regions , There is crazy following of SRK and Salman and AB etc , or Bollywood lacks budget or Bollywood is still evolving but it doesn’t take the fact away that Bollywood has a lot to catch up , youth audience has increased who understands English well , and is definitely being lured by Hollywood more and more , time for Bollywood to catch up fast as the next thing we see is TV Series ( refer Prison break , Sherlock , Breaking bad etc) is eating up youth TV audience very fast.

What Bollywood did to regional cinema , Hollywood is doing to Bollywood.

The Thinking Chum


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Guam stuns India with 2-1 win. Guam ? Who? 5 things you may want to know about Guam

things you may want to know about Guam

things you may want to know about Guam

Most of us may not even know that India was playing for 2018 WC qualifiers until our social network updates was flooded with India’s embarrassing defeat today v/s Guam . Yes , you read it right. It is a country and India lost against it. Now that you know,  check out the 5 things you may want to know about Guam. 1. History : Guam is a pacific island nation. Its population is approx.165 thousand. Its main source of income is Tourism and Us military base. It was a Spanish colony in 1668 till 1898 when spain surrendered it to US during Spanish-American war. It was captured by Japan in 1941 till 1944 when US regained the territory. 2. Food and celebrations : Guam is known for its food and festive spirit. People say that get to gather and celebration and eating is a national pastime. Every week there some sort of festival happening in Guam. Agat Mango Festival , Malesso’ Crab Festival , annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair and Guam Live International Music Festival are very popular events there. 3. Tourism : Guam is famous for its hospitality , festive spirit , friendly residents and happy tourists. Any white sand beach is less than 15 minutes away at any place in the country. Unknown tourists offering a food and striking conversation is very common ( this is called Hafa Adai sprit) . Guam makes a great destination for shopping as most of the goods dont attract sales tax. Its main tourists are from South Korea , US and Philippines. 4. Bio-diversity and threats : Guam has rich bio-diversity. It is known for Coral reef , fruits plantations , innumerable species of birds and aquatic preserves. Commercialization , animal invasion , crop virus , wild fires are known to destroy the nature’s balance. Its KoKo bird has became almost exintct after a snake called Boiga irregularis was accidently put on the island by American stowaway. Due to its humid climate , almost every dry season there are some instances of wildfires occurring in the island. 5. A Place for all : Guam offers something for everyone. Lonely backpack tourists can enjoy water sports. its stunning beauty makes it a great destination for marriage and honeymoon. If you are stressed and need some mental detox , go visit a spa and get distressed. So what are you waiting for , pack your bags and fly to Guam.

The Thinking Chum


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Lamba Bhada chahiye ! Meter se nahi jaana ! HOLA ..I just did OLA !!! On your face !

Kaali Peeli Taxi

Taxi Drivers go on Strike to protest OLA , UBER etc

A guy recently transferred from abroad , settled in Mumbai. Stays in lush green society with quiet neighborhood and a close by office. Things cant get better in Mumbai. Imagine , he gets up , gets ready , goes out and hires a cab or an auto. Tells him to drop to office and all he listens from them is :

Lamba Bhada chahiye !!! Udhar nahi jaana !!! koi aur taxi le lo !!! Meter se nahi jaana !!!

This is how typically his everyday starts when he talks to first people he meets every morning.The story doesn’t end there. He has to come back from office to home in the evening with the same cab drivers. How many of us would have heard these lines while waiting and asking for a taxi only to be refused by a cab driver or surrendering to his demands.

It could be raining or a hot sunny day or chilli winter and you never are sure of getting a cab. We could be going to airport or late for a meeting , they just don’t care. Such is the audacity of cab drivers that they will sit for almost an hour without a passenger but will only do what pleases them. They have unions , they have that stinky dress and most importantly they have their attitude.

Then a miracle happens. Its called OLA. yes , download the app , open GPS , select the cab type and its “RIDE NOW” Cab driver comes on time. Wishes him morning , picks him up , drops him to office. He gets his invoice and message on his phone. The daily refusing cab driver has lost 1 passenger. Thousands and millions of cab rides are booked for such reasons and then the cab drivers go on strike on June 15 2015.

The thinking chum’s stand on the strike is explained in the three points:

a. Strike is a tool to increase inefficiency : The refusing taxi driver does not like when someone efficient is getting the passenger who he has pissed off over last many years. Now there are E-COM guys willing to give the customer oriented service and are more efficient , the slack of taxi drivers and their lack of competence has induced them to opt for strike. They want to breed the system with inefficiency.

b. Times have changed , its time they change too : That arrogant face , ungrateful attitude , unhygienic hands ( yes , once a cab driver took a piss and did not wash hands and came back to drive his taxi) , Then comes OLA . I have heard that OLA gives training to their drivers on smart phones , net connectivity , how to use GPS , how to behave with customers , drivers sometimes even say thank you when you leave. Now why would a guy getting repeated refusals , getting not so good behavior from cab drivers , has reasonable money , would not try OLA. People have moved on from Hand washing clothes to washing machines , Coolers to AC ( Split AC and what not ) , from cycles to Private jets then why will they not move from KAALI PEELI RESUSALS TO OLA GREETINGS. This is Evolution and only thing that is constant is “change’

c. Stop unionizing and start competing else its gonna be only agonizing : Imagine a kid misuses his toy regularly , breaks it and then cries until he gets back a new toy from his mommy and daddy. For how long will this kid survive in real world ? This is exactly happening now. They mishandled their customers for years and when they cant compete with efficient service providers they go for strike. Its time they realize that in order to succeed in the real world , you have to compete.

Rhetorics and Epilogue:

There were a lot of passengers ( read : passengers who may not have heads of OLA or ECOM cab service providers ) but after today’s strike , they have started knowing them. They are also tempted to use them as Kaali peeli are officially unavailable.

Should entire India wait for you to grow old and retire and wait for  new ( read: tech savvy , customer oriented and of course with less ego and attitude) cab drivers to come in this world ? or would you like to take some lesson and learn to behave yourself and evolve ?

For God’s sake even dinosaurs became extinct as they could not adapt , learn evolve and adapt else get ready to become dinosaur !!

The Thinking Chum

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