Guam stuns India with 2-1 win. Guam ? Who? 5 things you may want to know about Guam

things you may want to know about Guam

things you may want to know about Guam

Most of us may not even know that India was playing for 2018 WC qualifiers until our social network updates was flooded with India’s embarrassing defeat today v/s Guam . Yes , you read it right. It is a country and India lost against it. Now that you know,  check out the 5 things you may want to know about Guam. 1. History : Guam is a pacific island nation. Its population is approx.165 thousand. Its main source of income is Tourism and Us military base. It was a Spanish colony in 1668 till 1898 when spain surrendered it to US during Spanish-American war. It was captured by Japan in 1941 till 1944 when US regained the territory. 2. Food and celebrations : Guam is known for its food and festive spirit. People say that get to gather and celebration and eating is a national pastime. Every week there some sort of festival happening in Guam. Agat Mango Festival , Malesso’ Crab Festival , annual Guam Micronesia Island Fair and Guam Live International Music Festival are very popular events there. 3. Tourism : Guam is famous for its hospitality , festive spirit , friendly residents and happy tourists. Any white sand beach is less than 15 minutes away at any place in the country. Unknown tourists offering a food and striking conversation is very common ( this is called Hafa Adai sprit) . Guam makes a great destination for shopping as most of the goods dont attract sales tax. Its main tourists are from South Korea , US and Philippines. 4. Bio-diversity and threats : Guam has rich bio-diversity. It is known for Coral reef , fruits plantations , innumerable species of birds and aquatic preserves. Commercialization , animal invasion , crop virus , wild fires are known to destroy the nature’s balance. Its KoKo bird has became almost exintct after a snake called Boiga irregularis was accidently put on the island by American stowaway. Due to its humid climate , almost every dry season there are some instances of wildfires occurring in the island. 5. A Place for all : Guam offers something for everyone. Lonely backpack tourists can enjoy water sports. its stunning beauty makes it a great destination for marriage and honeymoon. If you are stressed and need some mental detox , go visit a spa and get distressed. So what are you waiting for , pack your bags and fly to Guam.

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3 responses to “Guam stuns India with 2-1 win. Guam ? Who? 5 things you may want to know about Guam

  1. Kristina Bertucco

    guam is not a country – it is a U.S. Territory. Guam’s motto is “Where America’s Day Begins.” Guam’s main tourists actually come from Japan. We’re I’ve over 1 million Japanese tourists each year.

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  2. Wow. Thank you Kristina for the update. Do you stay in Guam or have been to Guam? Would love to read more about it from someone who has been there and it will also be helpful for my readers. Thanks.


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